My Predictions and Hopes For the 2017-18 Season

Never change Ron, never change.

Let’s be honest, what is there not to expect from the Knicks this season? As much as people LOVE to hate Melo he was by far not only the Knicks’ most efficient and consistent scorer last season (which doesn’t say much) but he was the only guy that could go off for 30 on any given night. So ultimately, we gave up our biggest producer on the offensive side of the ball. I’m very curious to see how that void is going to be filled.

The offense should at least be more consistent this year with everybody being on the same page. The Knicks would constantly get out paced last season but with this group of guys I think there should be a noticeable improvement in that area. But here’s the thing, offense is not the concern, the Knicks need to play defense every once in a while. They can score 105 a game no problem but you can’t expect to win when you got a defense giving up 110/115 ppg. No team in the NBA can get away with that. Hornacek needs to forget about leaving the defense with Kurt Rambis; its an absolute lost cause with that guy at this point. You’re the coach, take you balls with you to practice, show your team how you want the defense to be played, and actually fucking do it in games, simple.

The only thing I can almost hope for is that there isn’t going to be any off the court drama like last season. Not that many egos, no Derrick Rose to vanish into thin air hours before a game. No Melo trade talks, no Phil Jackson, just possibly the occasional Charles Oakley type incident, you know, the type where James Dolan does something stupid and everybody agrees that he needs to be fired. My over/under on that happening is 2.5 incidents over the course of the season (I’d take over on that for sure).

Final thoughts:

I’ll start with the new frenchy, Frank Ntilikina, who’s name was way easier to learn than Kuz’s was (Courtney Lee still doesn’t know how to say “Mindaugas Kuzminskas,” which is utterly disrespectful). I think Frank is gonna be a stud, if ya want a fresh hot take right out of the oven, I think he’s going to be a long time Knick and the next Magic Johnson-esq point guard in the NBA. He hasn’t taken a step on a NBA court yet so yes, it’s kind of ridiculous to say something like that but it’s a feeling I have and I pray it comes true.

Second is that Kristaps Porzingis is going to have his breakout season this year. Watching this dudes Instagram posts all summer just got me in full arousal for the season. You’ll be seeing him during All-Star weekend, no doubt about it. I’ll tell you what, the Knicks better not fuck this up. They have to keep this guy happy and lock him down as a franchise player the very second they get the chance. This is the season Porzingod starts proving his worth in the league.

Lastly and conclusively, c’mon what you do you want me to say? The Knicks are going to suck, again. It’ll be no surprise to anybody if the Knicks can’t win 40 games this season. Their defense needed the most improvement and they did nothing in the offseason to show me that it has. I believe they’ll be more of a unit and a team compared to last season, but lets be real, all we want is the playoffs back in Madison Square Garden and it ain’t happening this season. My prediction, hopefully middle of the road, 37-45. I got high hopes to be a playoff bubble team, I think that would be a huge step in the right direction to make The Garden Eden once again.

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