KP stays hot, O’Quinn provides some entertainment as the Knicks blow 21 point lead

The New York Knicks, ladies and gentlemen, might in fact be in the bottom three teams in the entire Association. Before, I hoped for the Knicks to be a bubble playoff team, now after seeing them play the first two games of the season, I’ll be happy if they get to 30 wins. If I’m being honest, I want this team to tank. And I have never said that about any team that I support, but this team is just flat out bad and has nothing to play for this season.

After the 111-107 loss to the Pistons last night, it’s safe to say we are currently at phase 1, step 1 of the rebuilding process and boy is it tough to watch. KP is looking like a baller, very polished with his game especially on the offensive skill sets. Watching him play some far in these first couple games you can see that he is now one of the elite forwards in the NBA. The drive to the basket at the end of the game was actually a great take to the hoop and the officials blatantly missed the call that would of given the Knicks a chance to come out with a win last night. But I can’t get upset about it because they didn’t deserve to win last night. No team that gives up a 21 point lead should ever deserve to win a basketball game.

Frank Ntilikina was rested because of an ankle injury, which may I add at first looked kind of serious, like as if Franky lost the entire foot itself with how much pain it looked like he was in. Turns out it’s just a rolled ankle and he’ll be able to dress for the next outing.

Highlight of last night’s game; KYLE O’QUINN.


Talk about heart, KO was out there playing like an absolute psycho. The dude was seriously acting like an uncle taking a family game of pick up way to intensely. And I LOVED it. I’ll watch that style of basketball all day long. Both him and Kanter played well on the offensive glass which was big in a game like this one against the Pistons, a notably good rebounding team.

Hernangomez received 0 minutes of action last night. Chants of “WE WANT WILLY” rained down on coach Hornacek minutes before the Knicks fell to 0-2 on the young season. While speaking to the media today KP was asked if he believed Willy should be getting minutes in the rotation. His response was simply, “I think so, I think he deserves it.” We all agree, and we all need KP to be happy while in NY, but if KO keeps going full blown maniac then I’m not liking Willy’s chance all that much. Tuesday night the Knicks travel to Boston to most likely get absolutely rocked. I can only hope to have a lot more of psycho KO to put some more entertainment into this miserable start to the season.

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