The Knicks have a winning streak and I’m not sure what to do

From what looked like a living nightmare of a season getting on it’s way, us Knick fans are suddenly having a cool, clean breath of fresh air. Two wins, back to back. Folks, that’s what we call a winning streak.

It wasn’t like they were sloppy wins either, this team looked like they finally knew their shit out there. Honestly, they should be a 3-2 basketball team right now, if only they didn’t let that one against Detroit slip away. There’s a few things I’ve noticed that are working well for the Knicks in their past two wins.

First one is lack of turnovers. Lets face it, you turn over the ball, you lose all the rhythm you have on offense, guys can’t get hot, you lose confidence, things become an absolute shit show. When you take care of the ball the opposite happens and the offense is able to get into a nice groove rather than looking like a JV pick up game. Shit we at least could run the flex in JV basketball. 100% chance everyone on that court still remembers the flex by heart, just run that shit for god’s sake. But thankfully things have become much more efficient and smoother on offense.

Transition has been beautiful to watch thank you Christ. Pushing the ball up the court, making quick scores off opponents’ turnovers, geez who woulda thought that would be effective in games. Great job coach, thank you for finally getting that drilled in the guys heads.

These guys are playing tough. There has been a different sort of aggression on the court and I fucking love it. Everyone’s got like four fouls by the end of the game, guys are on the floor, taking shots to face, and they get right back into the action and out hoop their matchups. Thats New York basketball baby, that’s exactly what I want this team to be branded as. Forget about a good defensive team, forget about being a team that hustles. Forget all of that bullshit, my coach told me once when I younger, “if you’re not bruised or bleeding by the end of the game, you didn’t work hard enough.” That’s the aggression I get from this team, and some of these guys take a beating! Porzingis doesn’t get half the fouls he should, teams literally are mugging the guy. Kanter and O’Quinn (and Willy for a couple minutes) are always in a battle on the block. Pretty much the Knicks don’t take no shit from anybody anymore, and that’s how it should be.

A couple highlights from the past couple games: Timmy, way to wake up pal. That was incredible against the Cavs, if Tim can hoop half as good as that every night, we’ll be golden. And I told ya’ll about Frank! That boy is nice, he also stole my heart when he got the bloody nose and didn’t say nothing, just shoved that cotton tube up there and went back to dishing dimes all over the Garden. And imagine this, he plays really, really good defense. Here’s your hot take, by the All-Star break Franky will be an everyday starter.

Looking at the schedule it’ll be tough to beat Houston but I think the Knicks could potentially go 4-1 over the next five games. Holy shit that’d be nice. Enjoy the moment my fellow Knick fans, we know this team far too well to know this glorious time could be coming to an end very soon.

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