The next five games of the young season looks like the first of many tests for the Knicks

Really brutal loss last game against the Houston Rockets (shoutout Astros, congrats on the ring), all around just hard to watch. Only positive really is that it was a good experience for Ntilikina guarding an upper echelon scorer such as Harden. Dotson was also able to see his first NBA points go in, looking much more comfortable on the floor. But other than that it was just a really boring basketball game. If I was watching it live I probably would have started watching the World Series mid way through the third quarter.

The Knicks will face off against the Suns at home in the Garden, as they’re in a nice groove right now winning their last four out of five games. Same case against the Pacers, who are in a same sort of rhythm. Then they go back to back against a Hornets team playing solid basketball at the moment, then immediately down in Orlando against a read hot Magic team that have found themselves in the top spot in the East… who woulda thought. Nice thing is that they after all of these tough matchups, they get to stomp a sorry ass Sacramento Kings squad at home.

I should also state that I don’t find this a gruesome schedule to say the least, this is just a good test for the Knicks to really prove that they want to do something this season. All these teams look like they will be contenders in the East and if the Knicks want to have any sort of consideration for contention as well, then this would be the perfect time to go after a few wins and earn some respect. The Knicks are going to be facing some physicality during this stretch as well. I would love to see them bring out that toughness that we got a glimpse of (thought I was seeing some early 90s Knicks for a second and I was in my glory) and use it both towards their offensive and defensive strengths.

But of course we’re talking about the Knicks and there is always something going on outside of the lines. We got the build up of what to do with Jarrett Jack’s contract and how they are going to keep him, because we need him right now. And to be honest with you I’m not sure of what might be the best answer to keeping him. If possible letting go of Noah would be ideal, but I don’t know the logistics of his contract. Maybe buying out Ramon Sessions could be another option? Your guess is as good as mine. Also, we got KP’s brother talking a bunch of shit, which isn’t necessarily something new.

Regarding his comments on how KP wouldn’t be quick to accept an extension from the Knicks, this is not anything to worry about. KP is a baller, and that’s all he knows. All he wants to do is be the best player he can, win games, and ball night in and night out. He loves New York, and I bet he loves it even more that in his third year in the NBA he’s been given the opportunity to be the face of a franchise, in the biggest sports market in the world. If you happen to not know, KP’s brother is business man in Latvia, owning some successful restaurants and clubs I believe. The point is this guy knows how to handle business. So what he’s doing and what he might continue to do is make sure that the Knicks think nothing less of a max contract for Porzingis. So there’s nothing to worry about, we’re not losing KP, we’re gonna pay the guy, it’ll all be fine. Just sit back, enjoy the next few games because they should be close, and let’s get a good look at what this team is really made of.

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