Will we see Frank in the starting line-up earlier then we thought?

A LOT has been going on in New York since I’ve been gone (I apologize for that, personal life/my actual job kind of takes importance over blogging). Also, it was probably best that I didn’t blog about the whole LeBron thing, I was FUMING. Speaking of which, how about our rookie lately?! Franky has been down right balling and getting those crunch time minutes in the fourth quarter. Not to mention just being second in the league in steals per game, no big deal. I’m sure nobody has but incase you’ve forgot he’s only 19 years old.

Jarrett Jack, still has the starting job, but that might be changing sooner then we all originally thought. I’m a little bit of a stats guy, they interest me and the NBA is just such a stats based league you can’t totally ignore them in my opinion, but in this case stats are not going to tell you the full story here. Jack is perfect for the offense, finds guys in the right moments and moves the ball very well. His assists are more true than Franky’s at the moment, in which he will set guys up for the score more often. Jack originally had a more floor general vibe and way about him, which is why his composure was crucial to start games. And I believe this is still the case 14 games into the season. Also at this very moment everyone looks very comfortable in their roles on the team, for the most part (Willy is struggling).

Although everyone seems comfortable, in my opinion the Knicks recently haven’t been consistent with starting the games strong. Not a lot of energy and defense are basically what problem is. The Garden sounds like a cafeteria, just a bunch of random conversations and nobody really paying attention to the game. What Frank does is he’s able to grab the crowd’s attention with his highlight steals and honestly just with his entrance into the game. Fans simply want to see more and more of him. And of course they do, the guy plays 20 minutes a game of smothering defense. Absolutely harassing each player he guards and it’s what at least real Knicks fans want to see. We love that hard nose defense and hustle that Frank brings every night. His mistakes are cutting down, he has that great vision on the floor and I think once he gets a little more consistent with his shot, coach will have no choice but to start him.

Utah Jazz v New York Knicks

I originally expected Frank not to start until either just before or just after the All-Star break. But I really think that depending on his play and progression over the next 10 games, Frank could become the starting point guard. If he continues to get more and more comfortable on the floor and keeps up his defense that alone will transition him into the starting lineup. His +/- is already second on the team and again, if he becomes a guy that’s able to score around 10-15 points on a consistent basis than by the time we hit game number 30 on the season he’s going to be starting. This is all hypothetical of course but it’s something I think definitely can and probably will happen.

The Knicks are back in action against Toronto tonight, another chance to make a big statement in the East.

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