Playing catch-up: My thoughts on what has been going on, return of the unicorn against Boston

Okay, obviously I thought I would have more time to do this on a consistent basis but hey, shit happens. I would promise to do better but… no promises. For now lets continue to try and make this an actual thing.

Alright now lets do a little catching up. B-Easy has perhaps solidified himself as my favorite modern day Knick and I had a very strong feeling he was going to be from the very start. Ever since that 14% of your brain interview I became a fan instantly.

And he wasn’t lying about being “Melo from the left side,” he may in fact be more efficient. Scoring and comments in interviews aside, his wildcard personality is by far the best thing about him. Rewatching his 10 minute all-time fouling performance was one of the more entertaining things of the season. Bravo to the crowd that night in the Garden for giving him a nice ovation after a performance like that.

Hardaway’s injury translates to us getting a full feature of the Ron Baker show, and what’s not to love about that. I just hope he’s good play after that Christmas party cause my guy looked like he was on goddamn Mars.

I would say the same about Jarret but I feel like that’s just how he looks after a few glasses of eggnog. Meanwhile KP is gotta be loving life right now. He’s got Jen Selter openly wanting it, the team’s able to tread water above that .500 line while he’s getting healthy, and he’s wearing Timbs which means he is now the official face of New York.  But seriously Jen Selter?!

Dear lord bro, forget the playoffs, forget the All-Star selection you’ve already won this season.  It’ll be great to see the unicorn back in action tonight against the, of course, thriving Boston Celtics.

Thoughts on the recent games:

What the hell was with the defense in the Charlotte game? The Hornets are absolutely terrible, Kemba is the only premier player on that team and their offensive sets don’t look like anything special whatsoever, but we managed to give up back door layup, after back door layup. I mean it’s also real easy for a team to have a good field goal percentage when they’re able to try and rip the rim off every other possession. Not the usual display of defense, but these games will happen.

Big win against the Thunder and the homecoming of Melo. Not very meaningful other than it just being a feel good win, and a win in general which is crucial because of the Heat lurking behind the Knicks by 0.5 game.

The Knicks need to figure out how to win on the road, once they can do that I think I’d feel A LOT more confident about them sneaking into the 8th spot of the playoffs. 2-9 on the road is close to like the third or fourth worst record in the entire league. If they can match the intensity the bring at the Garden everywhere else, dare I say it, watch out for the NY Knicks.

Also, please don’t get yourself sent to Turkish prison, Enes.

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