Beasley showing up big in win at the Garden, but Knicks road game woes continue in Detroit

B-Easy had a very special night, putting up 32 with a double-double in just 25 minutes of play. The first time this has ever been done since they started recording starts as a stat back in 1977. So you and I have never seen anything like this happen before so you better have enjoyed it. It was exactly what the Knicks needed in the enormous disappointing return of KP, going an all time worst of 0-11 from the field. Holy shit that was tough to watch, but awesome to see Beasley absolutely take over the game late like that. The Garden can be a little generous with the “M-V-P” chants and they did not hold back when it came to Beasley, giving him the treatment KP received earlier in the season.

Other things to take away for the exciting win against Boston was the phenomenal play of Frank. The kid was on lock down mode going up against Kyrie and it was very fun to watch. Not to mention Frank is starting to find that three point shot both in the Boston and Detroit game, and I love that for this season and the role he’s been playing. Play hard nose defense, operate the offense and hit open threes and that alone will boost the Knicks play. Here’s great video of Frank’s defensive spectacle against Boston from the great account Knicks Film School:

Kanter has been playing well, even with the distractions of the president of Turkey trying to throw him in prison for 4 years. Great offensive rebounding against Boston and a very good all around game in Detroit. And hey, Dougie McBuckets can all of the sudden play defense and it’s impacting the second unit immensely.

The biggest issue for me after everything in the past two days came down to the last minute of the game against the Pistons. Giving up a four point lead late like that and having back to back possessions have absolutely atrocious outcomes costing the game on the road like that just leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Which is so typical Knicks, like follow up a great game with a very disappointing loss on the road is something we’re all just too use to. I will say, that was a very entertaining game, very high paced and fun to watch. Just wish KP would stop rushing shots early in games and guys would stop making stupid passes in transition.

Flat out the Knicks NEED to learn how to win on the road. We’ve had too many home games this season so far so we’re pretty much in trouble until the All-Star break. 2-10 on the road now, I will say it again, something HAS to change if we want to sneak into the playoffs. Otherwise, we go through the same exact thing like every other year.

Lets see what happens, Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone out there. Knicks against the Sixers on Christmas day, always a great gift to have Knicks basketball during the holidays.

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