20 Sec. Take Debut: Knicks 120 – Magic 113

Welcome to 20 second take, a blog that is designed for quick recaps of games and some thoughts about whatever else may be going on in the Knicks universe. Shouldn’t take me long to write, shouldn’t take you long to read. Hopefully this allows me to put more content out there for you guys on a regular basis, rather than for some reason try and write 500-700 word blogs about everything.

So let’s get into it, how in the hell did the Knicks win that game. The Magic scored 41 points in the FIRST QUARTER, and 69… in the first half, and the Knicks still ended up winning in comfortable fashion. I mean the Knicks looked like a train wreck on defense until they began to pick up the intensity a little bit later in the 3rd quarter. The hard defense led to easy transition scores, Hornacek started to look a little more content, and not want to go full blown Boddy Knight on the Knicks bench. Rambis still looked clueless which in his defense I would be too, because again I still don’t understand how they came up with that win.

The Knicks players were quite entertaining in this one as well. Hardaway made one of the nicest finishes on a oop from Mudiay that I’ve seen in a while. Or at least since the absence of KP. I think Kornet is the best possible replacement for Ron Baker, we need a goofy white guy with a lot of hustle out there, bombing threes whenever he gets the chance. Don’t get it twisted I’ve been a big Ron Burgundy fan since day one. Trey Burke can flat out ball. He’s turning into a very fun player to watch and I really hope he turns out to be a stud for the Knicks. And lastly, I think Troy Williams passes the eye test with flying colors.

So now we know that the Knicks will not be trying to tank too much with Hornacek, and that the rotations are going to be a blend of both young and veteran players. I like this because I don’t want to watch the Knicks lose every night. Yes lottery picks are good but I think they’re just not bad enough to fall to a lottery pick. But you never know with this team.

I think Clyde summed it up perfectly last night, “just your typical Knicks/Magic game here.” Take that as you will.

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