The Knicks Win After Rout in All Star Weekend | Episode 77

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The Rundown

Jah So Focused: Alright, maybe I should ask you again. Yeah, how are you doing this week, my brother?

French: Yo, no games for an entire week is kind of crazy. It’s like we had one, we had the All Star game two, if you count that one, which wasn’t really a game. Mm-Hmm. . Even though we had some mixed representation in there like that, I would’ve preferred to see Randall in the game too.

If we was gonna be showing all that. It’s a lot of low lights in this game. I felt like high scoring, no defense, whatever. What this have to do, this do with how you feel. The weak Stop

Jah So Focused: trying to breeze through the episode. . My fault. My fault. My fault. .

French: I’m just saying that the weak. Is influenced a lot by what happens with the NBA for some reason.

For you. For me, personally. So, no basketball just meant [00:03:00] a lot of 2K. Jalen

Jah So Focused: Brunson got a higher rating, I heard, than 2K. Yeah. He’s at like 90 something now.

French: I’m mostly, like, in a wreck, though. I don’t really play with the players. I make my I’m off players, and people don’t really care about that. How was your week?

Jah So Focused: It was alright. Very tiring week for me. Okay. I’m very tired this week. Probably. I don’t know if it’s showing. I think I got enough rest last night. But, um, yeah, I was Very, very exhausted, um, this week.

Now that we’ve gotten through that, let’s, let’s, let’s, uh, Go over what we’re gonna talk about this week on the Knicks Take Podcast this week. Not too much happened this week. Not, not a lot of, not a lot of big news for the Knicks. So we’re gonna go a little bit over the All Star weekend. We’ve covered the Friday night.

Um, on the last episode, we’ll go over what happened on Saturday and Sunday night. Go over [00:04:00] what happened. See if French’s predictions for the clean sweep of All Star Weekend actually happened. We’ll go over the Knicks versus the Philadelphia 76ers that just happened on Thursday. And then we’re gonna preview the next four games, going from one game to four games in a week, that the Knicks are gonna, um, gonna have in the upcoming, upcoming week, one of those, or two of those games will have happened by the time this episode drops, and we’ll go over some other news.

Hopefully, we’ll be able to. Get through this in slightly quick fashion.

French: It should be. It’s only one game. Um, not including the All Star game.

All Star Weekend Recap

French: So yeah, let’s get into it. Should I start it off? You should. So, Saturday in Indianapolis, for some reason, it didn’t seem like anyone was really happy that the All Star game was in Indiana, but on February 17th, Shout out to mommy.

Happy birthday. That was her birthday. Happy birthday, mom. Um, Jalen [00:05:00] Brunson, you know, started off with the three point contest. At least for the Knicks fans. That’s what I didn’t Did you watch anything before? Yes, I did. The three point? Because I didn’t watch the Celebrity Game. I saw

Jah So Focused: clips of it. I talked about the Celebrity Game last episode.

And, uh, the Skills Challenge happened before the three point contest. And I did watch some of that. Um, it was interesting. Um,

French: I saw that the court was fire. I’m like, oh, that’s nice.

Jah So Focused: Um, I was wondering if the fix was in for Indiana, because they were in Indiana, and Tyrese Halliburton has been getting a lot of love.

And in the Skills Challenge Indiana was really like, we gon win this. They really, like, swept up, swept, they, they went, it was like Indiana versus first round draft picks versus NBA All Stars versus, I think there was another team in there. Um, [00:06:00] but Indiana was, it was just kind of like, oh, yeah, y’all, y’all not really doing the thing,

French: Indiana.

Then they do that with the Cleveland All Star game too. Darius Garland and them, like, they always trying to A piece of the home crowd,

Jah So Focused: but yeah, and we’ll talk about the NBA’s appeasement, uh, in a little bit, but, uh, Skills Challenge was fine. Um, yeah, Skills Challenge is fine. It wasn’t the biggest thing, but it was entertaining enough.

It’s usually the first event and for good reason.

French: You watched the rookie sophomore game?

Jah So Focused: No, I told you that last week. I wasn’t going to go back to it because there’s no reason to. Yeah. So, um, yeah, so what

French: happened in the

All Star Weekend: 3 Point Contest

French: The three point contest, Brunson got knocked out in the first round. Um, everybody scored like 20 points.

Which is like crazy. Everyone scored

Jah So Focused: 20 points, but more important than that, to get to the second round, it seemed like you were obligated to score 26. [00:07:00] 24. Was it 24? I think, wait.

French: I think it was 26. Okay. Yeah. Might’ve been 26, my fault. I think Brunson had

Jah So Focused: 24. You did. You were obligated to score 26 and nothing more because four shooters in the three point contest got that 26 point mark.

And was like, all right, second round. Um, you’re still looking up what happened. No, no, no,

French: I’m looking at previous years. Because Oh, if

Jah So Focused: anybody had ever scored like a whole round of Or everybody scored 20 points? I felt

French: like 26 was like the record at one point. Or am I bugging? I don’t

Jah So Focused: think, no, it wasn’t the

French: record.

31 was the, Steph Curry went crazy that year.

Jah So Focused: Right. Yeah, 30, 30, 30 has been broken a couple times. Um, but when you get 30, it’s like, yeah, you’re gonna win. 26 is pretty damn close to 30. And, um, Jalen Brunson, who we [00:08:00] both said had a chance to make it to the second round, got, went up there, started shooting threes, got to 24 in his last rack, which was the rack of, rack of, uh, money balls.

That, that, uh, were worth double. He got to 24 and he had three shots left. All he’s gotta do is hit one to make it to the second round. If he hits two, he’s gonna have the highest score out of anybody. And a few guys had already scored 26 by that point. I’m like, oh, he’s gonna, he’s gonna get the highest score.

Proceeded to miss every single shot to end the, to end the, to end his round. And was immediately eliminated because he needed to get 26 or more in order to get to the second round. They already had three. Uh, Shooters with 26. You had to score 26 to have a shot, and

French: he didn’t. Yeah, he let the whole New York down, but it’s all good.

24 is still a good

Jah So Focused: score. It was a damn good score. Yeah. And, before, before the, on [00:09:00] Friday, when he was being interviewed, he said, My only goal is to have a higher score than Julius Randle, because he embarrassed himself last year. And he certainly did that. Yeah, he did. He certainly did that, had a higher score.

I don’t know, what did 16, something like that.

French: Yeah, he did bad last year, but it’s all good. He’s a replacement. Brunson

Jah So Focused: was like, on Twitter, he said, I’m a failure. Uh, and he added, uh, uh, Spider, um, Donovan Mitchell, apparently. And then he recorded himself record, uh, talking to, did you see that? Oh, he recorded himself talking to Donovan Mitchell.

He said, say I’m, say I’m a failure. And, uh, Donovan Mitchell also did not make it to the second round. He had a lower score than Jalen Brunson, which. Further proves the point that Jalen Brunson’s only goal in life is to beat Donovan Mitchell. I feel

French: like he was, he was just trying to tell Donovan Mitchell to say he’s a failure because he lost him in the first round two years back to back.

Now in the three point contest, he [00:10:00] lost in the first round with him, so I don’t know. That was pretty funny though, but outside of the three point contest, I forgot, do you remember who won the three point contest? Uh, that was Damian Lillard, right? Yep. Damian Lillard, yo, Damian Lillard’s had kind of a crazy career.

Remember he was like the first player ever to be in a rookie sophomore game, skills competition, dunk contest, three point contest, and all star game? I

Jah So Focused: don’t remember that, but I’m not surprised by that, cause

French: And today he’s still an all star and he’s still going to the three point contest. And he’s still competing at a high level.

He’s, uh, matter of fact, I’m going to save that part for later, but yeah, shout out to Dame.

All Star Weekend: Slam Dunk Contest

French: Dunk contest time. Jalen Brown, Jacob Toppin, um, Mac McClung.

Jah So Focused: And from Miami. Can’t remember.

French: Jaime Jaquez. There you go. The dude that broke Julius Randle’s shoulder. So I knew you had

Jah So Focused: it in you.

French: And that’s not, [00:11:00] no notes, no nothing.

I remember it off the top of my head. Say you’re proud of me. All right. So look, boom, Jacob Toppin, right? I felt like he had the best dunk of the night. Jalen Brown had by far the worst dunk of the night. Somehow Jalen Brown made it to the finals of the dunk contest and Jacob Toppin did not make it out of the first round.

It seems like there’s some Knicks conspiracy going on with these competitions to make sure that we don’t make it out the first round, but it’s all good. But what were your thoughts on the Dunk Contest? I like Jacob Toppin’s Dunk the most.

Jah So Focused: My thoughts, my thoughts are that uh, I don’t know if there was, I don’t know if the fix was in for the Knicks to get out of, to not make it past the first round.

But, there definitely was a fix. Um, I’ll give you my thoughts on this contest and I’ll give you my general Slam Dunk Contest thoughts. It was very clear, in real time. That the NBA wanted [00:12:00] Jalen Brown to make it to their slam dunk contest finals. And that automatically put a bad taste in my mouth. I think some people were more accepting of that because of The general Slam Dunk Contest opinions, which I’ll, I’ll talk about in a little bit, that the stars aren’t in the Slam Dunk Contest anymore, nobody cares, um, and Jalen Brown is ostensibly a star, and Max McClung is a G League player, Jacob Toppin is a G League player, Jaime Jaquez, is probably going to finish fifth or sixth in sixth player of the sixth man of the year voting, maybe higher, but he’s not a star clearly.

So, you know, the hope is to bring some [00:13:00] of the, the luster back into the slam dunk contest. So yeah, you know what you gave him higher scores so he can make it to the second round so that we can have a good slam dunk contest. The problem with this slam dunk contest is. He’s not a great slam dunk contest dunker, period.

He was the worst dunker out of the four people who competed in the slam dunk contest. He

French: was doing dunks that you wouldn’t even get excited for in a game.

Jah So Focused: I don’t know if I would say that, but he was definitely doing, for the, his, his dunks were the worst. Like you just said it, all of his dunks were bad, like, not, no, I shouldn’t say that.

All of his dunks weren’t bad. But they weren’t, if you had to rank every single dunk in the slam dunk contest, His dunks were the worst ones. You can’t, you can’t, he had a dunk where Jason Tatum lobbed him a pass where he jumped over Kai Sanat, who’s probably shorter than both of [00:14:00] us. Except Kai Sanat was not standing, Kai Sanat was sitting down on a chair.

French: Yeah, what was the point of him sitting down? You

Jah So Focused: might as well have just moved Kai Sanat off the court and just had, because you’re not impressing anybody when two, two dunks before, Jaime Jaquez is jumping over Shaq. Right? Like, what is the point of that? I just watched a guy who is maybe an inch taller than you or two inches taller than you jump over a seven footer.

You jumping over a five foot guy sitting down. Am I supposed to be impressed by that?

French: And the dunk itself was trash.

Jah So Focused: Was that the dunk where he did the D Brown? And

French: he missed the first time. The

Jah So Focused: first time he missed, I think. But if he had made it the first time, all right, cool, you might give it to him.


French: it was the D Brown dunk. And he did the D Brown leap.

Jah So Focused: He said, all right, I’m going to do it, but this time I’m not going to do the D Brown until the dunk, the ball goes through the hoop. What’s the point? You might as well just leave it like that. He said, ah, got it. Oh, wait, I’m supposed to cover my eyes.[00:15:00]

No, you’re supposed to cover your eyes before the dunk. I’d have respected it more if you covered your eyes and then let go early and then dunk the ball as opposed to dunking the ball and just go. Oh, everyone see that? I covered my eyes.

French: Trash. Long story short, four thumbs down.

Jah So Focused: He did not deserve to make it past the first round.

And at that, like, the only way that you could save the second round, because you automatically know if this is how he’s going to dunk, Mack McClung is going to wink. The only way you save the second round is if you do some stuff in the second round that makes it worth your first two dunks not being great.

And he didn’t. I don’t, I watched him do one dunk and I turned it off. Turned it off. I turned off the game. All right. Obviously, he didn’t deserve to be in the second round. And now he’s in his second round. He’s still doing dunks that are not great. That is not better than anything I’ve seen in the first round.

I’m not gonna lie. I’m not gonna watch this.

French: I fell asleep on the dunk contest. I can’t even lie to you. I didn’t even watch the highlights because [00:16:00] I’m just like, bro. Once Toppin

Jah So Focused: lost,

French: you were like, yeah, I’m over it. Bro, Obi Toppin did a 362 hand. Jacob Toppin. Yeah, like he went, like his dunk was better than all of Obie’s dunks when he won the competition.

Jah So Focused: It was probably the second best dunk in the first round. You could argue maybe it was the best one. No, no, I’m saying it was the second, maybe third best dunk in the first round. Mack McClellan’s dunks were really good. I would rather watch Jacob Toppin versus Mac McClung in that second round. I would rather watch Jaime Jaquez.

General NBA Slam Dunk Contest Debate

French: I feel like they gotta just give up on the idea that they have to use NBA players for the dunk contest.

Jah So Focused: No, I, I, now we can get into the general slam dunk opinions, right? Because the opinions are, we need to get the stars back in the dunk contest. Stephen A. Smith was just on, on ESPN saying, we can blame LeBron James.

It’s his fault that stars don’t want to do dunk contest anymore. I, [00:17:00] he made, he laid down some opinions or not even opinions. He laid down some facts as to what LeBron did to remove the luster from the slam dunk contest. And why stars don’t want to do it anymore. And then I said, all right, let me, let me look at some of the dunks from the past 10 years and see, because I know that there have been good ones since LeBron has declined to do them.

And then I’m like, I’m looking, I’m like, well, we, um, Donovan Mitchell has done, done contests. He’s one of the best players in league. He’s a star.

French: That was before he was a star.

Jah So Focused: Regardless, when most of the guys, like Jordan and all that stuff, his point was, okay, when you’re young and you’re anticipated to be a star, you are, this was what you were kind of expected to do, obligated to do, and all this stuff.

It was the norm back then. It was the norm, right? You’re young, you’re an up and coming player, you could be a star, you have hops, you should do the dunk contest. [00:18:00] And I’m looking, I’m like, nah, there’s some guys in here. Uh, Paul George. Who’s in the dunk contest. I’m like, there’s some guys in here who are stars, who, you know, you could say they were projected to be stars, and we knew that they had hops, um, who are in here?

French: When you think of the top players in the NBA, who are high flyers, none of those come to, like, you’re not thinking of Damian Lillard and Paul George.

Jah So Focused: I mean, when Zach Levine did it, he was considered a high flyer who was a young star, like. There were there were guys in there. Maybe they maybe they’re not here’s where here’s where the comparison goes Michael Jordan He was a young star.

He was playing great He played in a dunk contest one of the greatest of all time Kobe Bryant young star was a high flyer one of the greatest of all time the next guy that you would think in those kind of You know with those kind of qualities [00:19:00] is LeBron James LeBron James should have been in dunk contest Who, since LeBron, is in that M.

J. Kobe Bryant air that has been drafted? Not any high flyers that you could think of. It’s been going more to Kevin Durant. It’s been going more towards Steph Curry. Shooters! Kevin

French: Durant could have been in the dunk contest though. Alright, hold on. I have to think

Jah So Focused: about it now. The silence that was just me staring at the camera to see, to just express.

How disgusted I was with that comment. Go ahead.

French: I can’t really think of any high flyers because Tatum you’re not thinking of as somebody that should be in a dunk contest. The closest, the

Jah So Focused: only one that I thought of when I was thinking of this. Zion, and Zion has been hurt every year, so he, he, nobody, like, nobody thinks about it, but it would be Zion, either Zion or John Morant.[00:20:00]

French: John Morant, Anthony Edwards.

Jah So Focused: Those would be the three, right? None of them are doing it. So, if you want to blame LeBron for those three guys not doing the dunk contest or whatever, alright, cool. We’ve still had other guys who have been stars or whatever. And when I think about the slam dunk contest, yes, I do want to see stars doing dunks that I’ve never seen before.

But what is the most important part of every, of that qualifying list? It’s not the stars. It’s the dunks that I’ve never seen before.

French: I see guys doing dunks I’ve never seen before all the time on YouTube though. Yeah. And it’s not dunks that are impossible for like, NBA players to do. It’s just like, they just lack the creativity to do it.

Anybody They’re not going into it like, oh, I want to put on a show. They’re just doing some regular dunks. The most

Jah So Focused: important part, I’m not saying that it’s I’m not saying that the stars is [00:21:00] not important. I’m just saying the most important part is seeing an NBA player doing a dunk I’ve never seen before.

I would love, and when you watching this, you’re not doing it in front of these guys. You’re not doing it in front of millions of people with. Cameras flashing, the, the production value. You’re not seeing that, right? There’s an air. Judges. There’s, there’s an, there’s an air of Wow, this is spectacular because of where you’re doing it, who you’re doing it in front of, and who you’re competing against.

Some of the best Athletes in the world, but I don’t need a LeBron James to do some of these things. I don’t need Like, do I probably need somebody better than Mac McClung, or do I need Mac McClung to be competing against players who have bigger names? Yeah, that would help. But I tell you what doesn’t help, you’ve already kind of brought it up.

The judges. I don’t, I would [00:22:00] love to watch. This same dunk contest judged fairly. Yeah. I would have been all for if, if the second round was kind of like the first round, but just a little bit better. It would have been a good dunk contest. This is not a good dunk contest. NBA, listen to me right now. Don’t ever do no bullshit like that.

Don’t ever do no bullshit like that again, because I don’t want, I don’t care if we’re talking about Jalen Brown, Zion Williamson, whatever. If they go on up there and they’re doing terrible dunks, I don’t want to watch them dunk more. I don’t, I don’t care who it is, I don’t care who it is. If LeBron goes out there and he and he and he messes up the dunk contest, yeah.

That messes up his legacy. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t want to do it. Me personally, I wanna see the best dunks possible and we did not get that. You screw this out of that, anytime that we go back and past of bad dunk contest, it’s a combination of it’s, [00:23:00] it’s either a combination or it’s one of two things.

It’s bad dunks from the dunkers from the competitors. And when you see that, it’s kind of like, yeah, we got to do something about dunk contest, man. Right? But the other one is the bad judging. And that’s usually what it is. It’s

French: also one more thing. What’s the other thing? Bad commentary. I’m getting tired of Kenny.

That’s right. I’m getting tired of hearing him on every dunk contest. Like we need some new voices on the broadcast. I watched,

Jah So Focused: um, I, I, earlier before we came in here, I watched some of the, uh, recaps or, or the, you know, some of the stuff for the dunk contest. And I’m in one of the worst dunk contests, two of the worst dunk contests.

Was because of commentary, but it was the commentary in combination with, uh, the bad dunks. It was one of the Obi Toppin wins. Yeah. He was the only dunker who really went out there and did stuff, and he could, and his dunks were, were good, but it wasn’t impactful. He wasn’t dunking hard. And [00:24:00] they were commenting on that, and their commentary on that was fine.

But they were also shitting all over the dunk contest, which is like, why am I watching this if y’all You are supposed to make me more hype. And all you’re doing is saying, yeah, let’s get rid of the dunk contest. All right. So what’s the point? Turn it off. So the commentary on top of the bad dunks was like, okay, that’s one of the worst dunk contest of all time.

Not because Obi Toppin was bad, but because his competition was bad and the commentary made it worse. The other one, uh, is Aaron Gordon. This is something that people bring up all the time. Aaron Gordon should have a slam dunk contest victory.

French: I’m not going that far. I re watched that same competition, and that one that you’re talking about.

He was in more than one. Well, the last one where they went to overtime, or the first one where they went to overtime, and had to do all the back to back dunks. Mm hmm. That dunk that he did wasn’t better than [00:25:00] that dunk that Zach Levine did,

Jah So Focused: so. I’m not going that far. He, first of all, that last dunk shouldn’t have happened.

And for, and that’s another thing I thought of earlier today. I understand that part of this is because we are selfish as fans. So when you have two great dunkers facing off against each other like that, what we want is to see them do more, right? That dunk contest went off and they were doing stuff that we’d never seen.

And it might’ve been one of the best dunk contests of all time. And the reason why it’s not mentioned as one of the best dunk contests of all time is because the best dunk of the whole thing didn’t win. He had the best dunk the

French: whole night. The under leg, over the mask. Oh yeah, that was the best dunk.

Jah So Focused: So you need to reformat the judging, right?

Because as selfish as we are, I would rather see Aaron Gordon come back the next year with different dunks than for him to blow through all of his dunks in one contest to see who’s the [00:26:00] best

French: dunker. There don’t need to be Aaron Gordon. We need more guys to just come out and do

Jah So Focused: better dunks. I’m not just talking about Aaron Gordon because that, that dunk contest right there was the start of the end.

To me, that was

French: the best dunk contest of all time too, right? It was,

Jah So Focused: but it’s not what you mean. It’s not reviewed. It’s not revered as the best dunk contest of

French: all time. What is Jordan’s Dominique’s Vince Carter’s people

Jah So Focused: will say the best dunk, the best collection of dunks of all time were in that dunk contest.

Everyone always views it. Poorly because they think Aaron Gordon should have won because it shouldn’t have gone that long And he should have won with the dunks that he had the

French: fact that it went on that long added to it though It did and it was because Shaq told them that they needed to make it on the first try like that added to it They should have

Jah So Focused: either Said they both won.

Yeah, they both should have won They should have both [00:27:00] won which the fact that they didn’t both win if they both won Everybody would say that’s the best dunk contest of all time They didn’t both win. And if you had to pick a winner, it should have been him because he had the best dunks. We’ve never seen anything.

He jumped over a mascot, put the, put the ball under both of his legs and dunked it. That was probably the best dunk. The whole night. He should have won with that. And the fact that he did it, you blame the judges for that. Um, you blame, you blame the system for that. You got to revamp the whole thing. It doesn’t matter.

And, and this dunk contest proves that point. It proves that point because the dunk contest, the judges, just completely made a mockery of the dunk contest. This is not the first time. How many times have we seen guys with better dunks not make it on to the second round? We’ve seen it more than once. It’s not the first time.

It’s not a first occasion. We’ve disagreed with the scores. The, you could [00:28:00] hear the fans in the crowd booing, not just because Jalen Brown was on the court and he’s a Celtic and they hate Jalen Brown. That was part of it too. But they were booing because they were pushing him through the contest for dunks that did not matter.

French: And he said he’s going to participate again next year. Nobody wants to see

Jah So Focused: it. Nobody wants to see you, Jalen Brown, in the Dunk Contest. Please. I would rather watch Jacob Toppin, I would rather watch Jaime Jaquez, and I would rather watch Mack McClung than to watch you in the Dunk Contest for a second straight year.

Because you

French: didn’t deserve to be there. I think I’m going to skip the Dunk Contest next year. I’m not going to lie. No, I will

Jah So Focused: watch it. I will watch it. Because, I will, no, I should say this. If there’s Nick there, I will definitely watch it. If there are Competitors that I think are better dunkers than Jalen Brown.

Because remember, when we talked about it last week, we was like, Are any of these guys really dunkers besides Mac McClung? Jaime Jaquez surprised me. Made me be like, you know what, I’m not gonna do that again. I’m gonna wait to see their dunks [00:29:00] before I judge them. Jaime

French: Jaquez did some stuff. I thought of another athlete who should have been in the dunk contest.

But well, after I mentioned, I want to move on to the All Star game. And then, um, cause I’m, I’m getting bored of the All Star weekend. I don’t know about you, but we’ll go through this real quick. The player that I’m thinking of that didn’t compete Giannis. Young Giannis would have probably just gone crazy.

Jah So Focused: I don’t know if I want to see Giannis in the dunk contest now, but yeah. Not now. Young Giannis. Young Giannis, definitely. But anyway, NBA, fix your judging problem. Before trying to fix your star problem. If the judges are good, heck, if you just get rid of the judges and let the fans choose who they thought was the best, who, in what order do you think the best dunks that we’ve seen are, we’ll be fine with that.

It’ll be way better than this stupid system that you guys have now that seems fixed. I don’t want to watch a fixed result. [00:30:00] I want to watch the best dunkers.

French: Yeah, I remember when the dunk contest used to be fun. Now it just makes everyone mad. But

All Star Weekend: All Star Game

French: That was kind of like a precursor to the All Star game. So let’s get to the All Star game.

They went back to the East versus West format. Jalen Brunson, he scored 10 of his total 12 points. Big numbers. In the fourth quarter to help the Eastern Conference win the All Star game. Um, it wasn’t really close, East basically ran away with it, ran away with it, and the final score just, it’s crazy. 211 to 186,

Jah So Focused: highest, uh, score in the game ever from two teams, which is

French: crazy.

And, uh, Damien Lillard,

Jah So Focused: no team has ever, uh, scored more than 200 points in any game in basketball.

French: That’s just crazy. And I’m glad I fell asleep on that too. I didn’t, I can’t watch All Star games anymore. I don’t know what it is about All Star weekend. It just don’t, it doesn’t do it for me like I used to.

That’s a [00:31:00] hard, that’s

Jah So Focused: another discussion that I had that I could probably go longer, longer in. But I don’t think this one, at least with the Dunk Contest, there is a solution. And it doesn’t necessarily acquire stars. This one is kind of hard. Like, maybe you do get rid of the actual game. Just vote NBA All Stars and Find something else to do with those players.

We’ll, maybe one on one games. I don’t know. I would take I like the all star game as a concept, but It’s, I don’t think it’s realistic anymore to

French: expect that. The All Star Game format where they were, each team were donating to like a charity of their choosing and they had like a target score. I feel like that was a good, that was, it was fun to watch that.

I don’t understand why they went away from that. Um, you could still do Ys vs. Wes, have Ys do an Eastern Conference charity or, I don’t know, but It’s just, it’s, I don’t know, they gotta change something about the weekend cause it’s [00:32:00] just not, it’s not entertaining to watch. Do the all star

Jah So Focused: game and do, uh, do a big three format tournament.

One star, one guard, one big, one wing. You know, you get three teams on the east, three teams on the west. And make them play it out up until the finals. Nah.

French: I like, I want them to stay with the format, just do charities, just to motivate the players to play for something. And then I like, um, the 1v1 tournament too.

I’d rather see that than a skills competition to be honest with you. I’d rather see KD versus somebody like, I don’t know, um, Paul George. Go 1 0 1. And then have just a competition and then have the winner get like, A million dollars or something like that just to motivate them to do that rather than the skills competition because I don’t I don’t like the skills competition.

I think

Jah So Focused: the [00:33:00] skills competition is fine. It’s decent.

French: That’s why it’s not exciting for anybody. It’s it’s a

Jah So Focused: it’s something something to watch It’s to build up the rest of the competitions, which it does and it’s not it’s not bad It’s just it’s what it is It builds up the competition and you get to see stars that are not in the shooting competition and not in the dunk competition it’s it needs to stay it’s good sometimes it’s Fun, um, watching them try to execute things within a timed, uh, minute frame.

I’m not getting off of that big, that, uh, three player format. I think, I think there’s something there, but anyway. Alright, let’s, um, let’s move on. Damian Lillard won the All Star Game MVP. Um, I also did not watch past the first half because there was no real reason to watch it.

Knicks @ Philadelphia 76ers Game Review

Jah So Focused: And, um, yeah, we move on to the Knicks versus the Philadelphia 76ers on Monday, February 22nd.

Uh, the Knicks finally saw some modicum of health, only [00:34:00] missing Mitchell Robinson, Julius Anunoby, which is still a lot to miss. Still way more healthy than they were the last game that they played as a team, uh, where they were missing probably six players or whatever. Uh, Knicks took control of the game early.

They gained a 26 point advantage right before halftime. Um, Sixers fought back in the second half. They cut the lead down to six in the fourth quarter, which everybody is just like, how is this possible? But. You know, they’ve got a good team over there, you know, even though they were missing Joel Embiid. Um, they fought back, they were motivated, they didn’t want to lose this game.

And Tom Thibodeau did something that we were not, we would never expect him to do, especially in crunch time. He put out a small ball lineup featuring Deuce McBride, Jalen Brunson, Dante DiVincenzo, Josh Hart. Precious Chua and I, I was watching, I’m like, [00:35:00] this guy don’t even, don’t like to put, uh, Jalen Brunson and Deuce McBride on the court ever at the same time, let alone with dude, with with Dante di Vincenzo.

Like we are we really watching this and they, and. They didn’t do it, like, by scoring, they didn’t like, put this game away scoring, they put it away on the defensive end, Jalen Brunson didn’t have a great game offensively, and um, uh, Dante DiVincenzo was missing more than, was missing a lot of shots too, they still did what they had to do, they still put the clamps down, they Knicks win this game 1 10 96.

Three Knicks finish this game with double doubles, including Precious Achua, Jalen Brunson, and Josh Hart were the other two guys. Precious finished with,

French: did I say Josh Hart? Well, Josh Hart had a triple

Jah So Focused: double.

French: What was the triple double? Oh, sorry, it says offensive rebounds and defensive rebounds next to the rebounds.

I’m bugging, my fault. All right,

Jah So Focused: um, Precious Achua finished with 18 points and 11 rebounds. [00:36:00] He had a really good game.

The Precious Achiuwa Question

Jah So Focused: A lot of people were questioning what’s going to happen with Precious Achua. Um, when we get to the playoffs, what’s going to happen with Precious Achua when we get to the offseason, and I’m not really questioning it because it is what it is.

French: You gotta stop. Like, bro, Precious Achua is good. He is. I’m not saying he’s not. He’s gonna be in the rotation moving forward. This is a good problem to have. You gotta think about it like Obi Toppin. The only way Obi Toppin was only playing power forward for us off the bench, and he didn’t get any burn because of that.

Right. We’ve already seen Precious Achua in multiple positions. So that already raises his value. And we’ve seen that he’s been, Tom Thibodeau trusts him to play some of the most minutes on the team. So like, we got to make, we

Jah So Focused: got to worry about him. I’m going to make my retort quick. What was Obi minutes, Obi Toppin’s minutes, uh, production anytime Julius Randle was injured and not playing in a [00:37:00] game?

He was

French: a starting four. Very

Jah So Focused: good. Julius Randle is currently injured and not playing games. Yeah,

French: but we have other guys who could play the minutes over pressures and he’s still playing over them.

Jah So Focused: Because he brings an aspect to the game that they don’t bring. Once Julius Randle comes back. Once Mitchell Robinson comes back, that’s two guys who are definitely gonna play.

Now, if you’re telling me that Precious Achua is gonna play minutes over Bojan Bogdanovich, Okay, that’s not something that I can say 100 percent will never happen. What I will say is, I don’t think it’s gonna happen. Okay. I do think that our starting lineup will be Jalen Brunson, Dante DiVincenzo, OG HAnunoby, Julius Randle, and Mitchell [00:38:00] Robinson.

The minutes that Precious would have to take minutes from would be Julius Randle, did I say Mitchell Robinson? Isaiah Hartenstein. Isaiah Hartenstein is going to start, unless, unless, unless, he’s still figuring out his foot issue by the time Mitchell Robinson comes back and Mitchell Robinson is 100 percent healthy.

Either way, one of those two guys and Julius Randle. Those are the minutes he, those are the minutes he’s gonna be fighting for. If you want to say OG Anonymi, cool. All of those guys are gonna be playing 36 minutes. Except for the five, which is 24 minutes of Mitch, 24 minutes of Isaiah Hardenstein. He’s not gonna play any five minutes, unless one of those guys gets hurt.

Julius Randle’s gonna play 35 36. OG Anunoby’s gonna play 35 36. So, now let’s look at the bench. People think Deuce McBride’s gonna play. I don’t think so. [00:39:00] Alec Burks, definitely gonna play. Josh Hart, definitely gonna play. I already said one of Mitch or Isaiah Hardenstein. If you think Deuce McBride is going to play, that means one of Precious or Bojan is not going to play.

And they’re going to be fighting for the minutes that OG and Julius Randle don’t play. Which is what? 28 minutes, maybe?

You tell me where that fits in. Do you think they’re not going to play Bojan? I

French: don’t think the guys are going to get 36, 35 minutes. I think the starters, the coach was playing them the most minutes after the, uh, the new year because we didn’t have a bench. And then once we traded for our bench, the top guys were

Jah So Focused: hurt.

So, you can’t be surprised. When we had a bench, how much were those guys playing? [00:40:00] Besides OG, because he wasn’t here. How much was Julius Randle playing? When we had a bench.

French: Our bench is better now. So they would play more than that bench that you’re referring to would have. I’m not

Jah So Focused: saying that they wouldn’t.

French: So that’s why I’m saying that

Jah So Focused: I’m saying that Julius Randle is going to play, no matter what, 35, 36

French: minutes. I don’t believe that. I think he’s going to play like 30 minutes. Unless he’s on

Jah So Focused: a minutes restriction.

French: I don’t think, I think he’s going to play 30 minutes. 30 minutes is enough production that you need from Julius Randle, especially with the way that he plays.

Julius Randle

Jah So Focused: is too important to Jalen Brunson and vice versa.

French: And Precious is gaining chemistry with them

Jah So Focused: as well. He’s not gaining anything with Julius Randle. OG Anunoby, Jalen Brunson, and Julius Randle are the three most [00:41:00] important players to us winning games. As a team. There’s no question about that.

And when you are considered the most important thing to winning a game of basketball when you’re head, when you are Tom Thibodeau, your response is, I’m going to play those guys as many minutes as I can without overplaying. And that’s what he does. And that’s why he wins. And that’s why Precious, unfortunately, when we are fully healthy, I’m not saying he’s not going to play.

He’s not going to be averaging the most minutes. In the league like he is right now. Absolutely not. Right. He’s gonna see minutes cut for sure. And when he sees that minutes cut, it’s gonna be drastic because there’s not gonna be enough time for him. Unless you’re saying you’re not gonna play Bojan.


French: I’m saying Bojan still gonna play. Mm-Hmm. , I think. The minutes are gonna just be cut up. [00:42:00] Randall is not gonna be relied on to to, to play it as many minutes because he has backups. Who can, who has gained the trust of Tom Thibodaux? I, I get your point. If, if, if Randall’s not having a great night, he’s not gonna continue to stay out there singing it up.

I tell you that the gate, the, the game that we blow out, Philly, where Bogdanoivic was playing and Randall was having an awful game, you don’t think pressure’s gonna be playing in in games like that? You don’t think Bogdanovic is going to be playing in those games?

Jah So Focused: I get your point. I get your point. I just know my coach.

I get your point. I know my coach. We’ll see. And my coach is not going to play Julius Randle an average of 30 minutes. The only way that Julius Randle will play an average of 30 to 32 minutes is if we’re blowing teams out. And if that’s the case, yeah, Precious will get burned. It’s not going to happen in the playoffs though.

Julius Randle speaks on shoulder injury

Jah So Focused: So anyway, let’s move on from that. Speaking of Julius Randle, what else happened this week?

French: Randle [00:43:00] got to address the media for the first time since his injury. Um, he said that there’s still a possibility of surgery, but the Knicks seem to be optimistic that he’ll be able to play again this season. But surgery’s not off the table.

What are your thoughts on that? Worrisome, but

I try to look at things. With the glass half full, because there’s always a positive to every situation, right? In the situation where Julius Randle goes down, what do you think are the Do you feel like there’s any chance for the Knicks to do anything this year? If we don’t have Randle? Let’s do anything.

What are your expectations today if we have Randle? Do you think they can win a championship?

Jah So Focused: Is it a possibility? I’ve already said that I don’t think that we can win a championship, but [00:44:00] I do think that we could probably make a finals push if we have Julius Randle. And if we don’t have Julius Randle, I don’t think that that, that push is likely. I think that we would be a second round team at best.


French: I believe we have the roster. Like this roster right here can pick up the Julius Randle loss. If he has to have surgery, I believe Precious Achua has shown that he can put up the numbers that Randle has put up, but maybe not in the playoffs. I’m saying though, he had a game where he had 20 10 5, he, he, he’s showing that he’s capable of it.

I’m not saying he could do that every night, but if we have guys like Bogdanovic coming off the bench who’s showing that he could get hot, go 6 for 6 from three, in this game against Philly, he had a spark. And, uh, in another game before the All Star break, where he just lit up the other team in the fourth corner for like four possessions straight.

Like, without Randle, we still gonna be able to [00:45:00] get that scoring output from guys on his team, and rebounding and assists, so.

Jah So Focused: Your point, which I agree with, is Precious Bogdanovic can, can replace most of what Julius Randle brings when he’s playing and he’s healthy. Not just them

French: two, the entire

Jah So Focused: team.

Statistically. No, it’s not just them two, but No, the whole team can make up for what Julius Randle does in entirety. Um, with that said, the team plus Randle is better than the team without Randle, right? You’re not saying, you’re not saying, you’re not sitting here saying that the Knicks team is going to be better without him.

I’m saying they can be just as good. They can extend themselves. They can be just as good. Not, not at its best. You’re, you’re missing a big piece, a big and vital piece with Randle. And Jalen Brunson extends himself to replace what he, what, what, what, what he’s missing with Randle. Um, [00:46:00] you know, Bojan extends himself.

No, he, he probably, he doesn’t know what it’s like, but he can, what he naturally does can replace some of what Julius Randle does. Precious Jewish, uh, Precious Jewish. Uh, you know, does some of what Julius Randle brings. The thing that is missing is the thing that Julius Randle brings that makes those guys lives easier.

And that is the part that you’re not, you’re not mentioning and you’re not discussing and that’s what is going to make this team go deep into the playoffs. They can’t, if Julius Randle is out there and he’s bumming it, this Knicks team can Make up for that as they are currently constructed. Julius Randle at his best, or not even at his best, Julius Randle at his regular, does for this team, something that this team cannot do.

Uh, make up for, and that is his ability to grab double teams. These guys are not [00:47:00] attracting the attention that Julius Randle does. And that makes everyone’s lives harder. So, while your point is valid in terms of statistically and all of that stuff, he is too important to not have for the final stretch.

French: Quick point. Because you’re looking at it as the benefits that Julius Randle brings to the team. But you’re also ignoring the mistakes that he makes and the fact that he’s going to be injured. I’m not ignoring. And when he is injured and when he has been in the playoffs and he made these mistakes, you wish that you had somebody that can, you can take him off the court for, it’s not, you can

Jah So Focused: trust those points in those moments.

Those two points do not, um, knock each other out. What I wish. is for Julius Randle himself to be better. Or I wish that there was a player that we could acquire [00:48:00] for Julius Randle who can do 90 percent of what Julius Randle brings positively, positively, and eliminates his negatives. That player does not exist, or we cannot trade for them, and you know, the absence of his positives does not, you know, the absence of his positives and negatives doesn’t mean that the rest of the team won’t suffer when he’s not there.

They are suffering with him not being there. I’m saying that there’s gonna be

French: suffering regardless. I’m saying that there’s gonna be suffering regardless because there is no scenario where he’s gonna be playing healthy in the playoffs this year. He’s going to be, his shoulder is, that issue is going to be bothering him the whole season.

Jah So Focused: Whether he’s healthy or not, his ability to attract a double team is going to be vital in the playoffs. And that’s it. And there’s no other player on this team who can attract the amount of attention that he does

to help the rest of this [00:49:00] team. That’s what’s going to be needed. They need that and they don’t have that and they’re going to need that. So I’m going to, I’m going to quickly, because we’re going to go long, quickly go over a conversation I had with my friend. Um, my boy Ryan was like, it sounds like he’s going to be out for the rest of the season.

And I’m going to just say anybody who believes that I’ve heard, seen it on Twitter after he said that. If you believe that, listen, just slow your roll. If, just because there’s still a possibility of surgery, it doesn’t mean that you are wrong for feeling like, oh, if they already know that he’s gonna be out, they’re not gonna push him to try to come back to see if maybe we can make, we’re gonna know.

When he’s out, when they know it’s not gonna work, that’s when we’re gonna know. We’re not gonna know it now. In a couple weeks, things are probably gonna change and we’ll, alright, yeah, whatever, he’s not gonna play. Right [00:50:00] now there’s still a possibility that he’s gonna play. That interview where he’s saying, yeah, it’s possible Maybe he knows he’s gonna have surgery.

Doesn’t mean that he’s not gonna play for the rest of the season It could be a surgery that happens in the offseason. So just keep your fingers crossed Like my brother French just said, he’s, there’s no possibility that he’s not going to be, there’s no possibility where he’s going to be 100 percent healthy for this playoff run.

We don’t need him to be 100 percent healthy for this playoff run. We need some of the things that he brings. And if there’s a possibility that he can be a part of the team and attract attention, that’s what we need to be worried about for any kind of push. All right, one other news piece and then we’ll go into the previews.

I know you got more to say, but we gotta Can

French: I just say one thing? One quick thing. I disagree with your point that we need someone else to, that is able to attract double teams. [00:51:00] Because

I don’t want to compare teams, but like, there’s definitely teams that have made it to the finals with just one guy who It’s just better than everybody else outperforms other guys and they don’t have, they don’t attract double teams or have multiple players that attract double teams. They just had a great all around team that played really well together.

And I feel like this team all around has great chemistry. They have, they play very well together and they play great defense. They

Jah So Focused: rebound. They’re not the only team that has all those things. It’s going to be about who can do this in a seven game series and outlast the other team. Yeah, they don’t have Brunson.

And who has more guys who can attract double teams and make the rest of their teams better. No, who has the best closer. That too. That too. It’s going to be more than that. And what you’re talking about is a finals run and championship run that all

Kevin Durant says the Knicks are “cool”

Jah So Focused: right, KD, Kevin [00:52:00] Durant was recently in an interview recounting his feelings on why he didn’t go to the Knicks, uh, in an interview with him and his agent, basically walking back some of his comments about the Knicks not being cool.

Um, We already know all this. There’s no need to debate

French: this, right? There’s no debate. He, he, you can’t, you got to, you got to talk with some respect about the

Jah So Focused: Knicks now and he, and he acknowledged that. All right.

Knicks vs Boston Celtics Preview

Jah So Focused: Upcoming games today, uh, as we recording, uh, the night that we are recording Knicks will place the play against them.

Boston Celtics best team in the NBA 44 12 record I’m not feeling pretty good about this with no Randle and no OG and an OB specifically OG I think we could win without Randle against the Boston Celtics to in today’s game. I don’t think that we can win without OG How are you feeling?

French: Um They’d last lost To the Lakers with no LeBron, no Anthony Davis.

I’m not saying

Jah So Focused: that they [00:53:00] can’t lose. So it ain’t

French: impossible. No, it’s not. They’ve lost to worse teams than us before. They lost to the Pacers. They lost to the Bucs. Like, I think we can beat them. I’m never going to count us out. They’ve also played

Jah So Focused: 56 games and only lost 12, so That’s a cute stat. That’s not That’s not That’s not That’s not to say that they can’t be beat.

That’s just to say like, okay, yeah, that happened and it could happen for us. I don’t feel good about it without OG Anonovi. That is a stacked team who seems to go long stretches of time without having serious injury issues. We

French: a stacked team too. We are.

Jah So Focused: All right, next up.

Knicks vs Detroit Pistons Preview

French: Knicks are going to be playing the Detroit Pistons Monday, February 26th at MSG.

The Pistons, as you know, worst team in the NBA, 8 47 record right now. Um, this is going to be the first time that Quentin Grimes and Evan Fournier are going to be playing back in the Garden. If Grimes is healthy, yeah. He should probably be healthy by [00:54:00] then, hopefully. But, um, I’m looking forward to seeing Evan Fournier.

I know he’s probably going to try to light us up. Sitting on the bench for over a year and a half. I know he’s steaming. He pushed Obi Top another day, too. Yeah, he did, but Obi was doing too much. He’s a, Obi low key being weird on Indy, and I don’t really like this new Obi. How you feel about him? But any of these, any of these games where you’re playing, um, former Knicks, I’m always watching them with, like, magnifying glasses just to see how they, how they acting in the garden and how they acting against the Knicks, like, being on the other side now rather than being teammates and stuff.

So, like, I think Fournier gonna, like, he gonna try and go all for, like, 40.

Jah So Focused: I’m not worried about Fournier. And to answer your question, I agree with you. OB is, I don’t know if he’s being weird. He’s trying to, now that he is free, um, to be himself, he’s trying to figure out who he is as an NBA player. He’s not doing nothing to[00:55:00]

Disrespectful, so whatever. Yeah, whether he may keep going that way. He may not we’ll see We’ll know by in a couple years how we really feel about what we’ll be typing I think that in regards to this game, did you say who you thought was in? Well, we’re definitely gonna win

French: Yeah, we’re gonna win. I said that Fournier gonna roll off and then still lose.

Jah So Focused: Fournier going off and Uh, I think that it’ll be important that Fornier doesn’t go off because the Knicks need to absolutely put this game away before the fourth quarter, because this is the first half of a back to back.

Knicks vs New Orleans Pelicans Preview

Jah So Focused: The second half of a back to back will be against the New Orleans Pelicans, 34 23 record.

They are currently fifth in the Western Conference. Uh, they’re a very weird team. They’re one of a few teams that the Knicks have not beaten this season. We’ve only played them once. We are 0 1 against them. One of our worst losses this year. Yes, but they were also a different team, uh, schematically. Um, they hadn’t figured [00:56:00] themselves out and they kind of have figured themselves out, but they’re still people don’t know what to make of the Pelicans.

Um, they should be better. Zion has played 46 games or 40 something games. This is the second most amount of games he’s played in his entire career. Um, I think that this Knicks team is better than. I think the six teams know this Knicks team. This Knicks team knows who they are and I’m not sure that the Pelicans know who they are.

So I’m gonna say that the Knicks are gonna win. I would not be surprised if they lose to this team, though. I’m gonna

French: be at this game.

I’m gonna say this out loud and I don’t really want to, but the Knicks have not lost. All season to any game that I’ve been to, and I’m hoping that this streak continues. Um, I didn’t like the way that we lost to the Pelicans last time we played. But I have confidence that now, [00:57:00] All Star break passed. They should be on a nice little winning streak again.

Wait, did I give my prediction to the Boston game? I said we was going to win, right? I’d say, yeah, I think the winning streak from the All Star break, We won, um, the last game. We’re going to win tonight, Boston. We’re going to win Detroit. And I think we’re going to close this, uh Close this game out with another victory.

I feel like this is gonna be a really close game though. Zion is probably gonna go off. It’s in MSG. Zion loves to play in the garden. He wanna be a Knick. This is probably his opportunity to, uh, to promote himself to be a Knick. I don’t know. This is gonna be a close game though. This might go to overtime.

Okay. This is one of those games that are gonna sneaky, like They haven’t had any overtime games this season. Nah. This is, this is one of those games where I feel like we match up really well with them. They have a lot of guys on their team. I [00:58:00] like Herb Jones. Who matches

Jah So Focused: up with Zion?

French: Nobody. Okay. If we would have had Well, Precious is probably gonna be on Zion.

But if we would have had Randle in this, it probably would have been, well, damn nah, cause Zion wilded Randle up last time. He was making him look like a child, remember that? But, I don’t know. Zion, Zion’s gonna be the X Factor this game. Randle

Jah So Focused: also, I don’t think was, um, that was back, remember he started off the season pretty bad.

That’s not, it’s not, it wouldn’t have been the same Randle if he were

French: healthy. It wouldn’t have been. It wouldn’t have been, but I still think the Knicks are gonna win this game, so, what’s that? Four game win streak. Going into Golden State, um, what are your predictions against the, the Pelicans? You said that the Pelicans are gonna win?

I did. I

Jah So Focused: bet. No, I didn’t. I said I, the Knicks are gonna win, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pelicans won. Okay. I, my only, um, loss so far was the Boston Celtics. That

French: you went to in person? No, no, no. I mean, Oh, you’re talking about this week. Okay. Any of the games that you went to this [00:59:00] year, were they losses?

Yes. How many?

Jah So Focused: I don’t know. A few. I’m not keeping count. I don’t know. What do you think? I got, all right, we won this game, but we, I’m just there to enjoy the vibes, bro. The one game I went with, uh, I think I, I witnessed my mother’s first, uh, loss.

French: Mavericks? No,

Jah So Focused: that wasn’t a Mavericks. I don’t remember what game it was, but she was there for one of the losses.

Anyway. I was at

French: the Heat game where they came back from 20. I thought they was going to lose that game, but the next game, Golden State.

Jah So Focused: I was there too.

French: I forgot you was there.

Knicks vs Golden State Warriors Preview

French: Yeah. Thursday, February 29th, another 830 game. I don’t know why they keep making this play at 830 at home in New York. Like, bro, I don’t care if they coming from the West Coast.

This is our time. 730. That might be my

Jah So Focused: mistake, actually.

French: I see. I’m over here giving ABC. Well, is this going to be on ABC or MSG? I think this is going to be MSG game. But either way. Golden State’s coming into town. Um, the [01:00:00] Warriors have a 29 26 record, but we know that that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to this team.

Steph Curry could go off a 50 at any moment. Klay Thompson, even though he’s having like a bad season, relative, well, a bad Klay Thompson season to the standard that he set for himself. Um, Draymond keeps getting suspended for punching people in the face and kicking people in the nuts, stepping on ribs. Um, putting people in headlocks.

Um, what else you got in trouble? We got in trouble for a lot of shit. But, long story short, Golden State Warriors are still a threat. I think, um, they’re gonna win this game.

Jah So Focused: Okay. Uh, Warriors have been playing very well. They are the 10th seed, but I don’t think they’re gonna stay there. Um, it would’ve been great to have OG.

This is one of two games that I think It would have been great to have OG for the Boston Celtics being the first one. [01:01:00] I don’t know if we win this one without him with them streaking the way that they are, but

I’m going to say the Knicks are going to lose too. So they’re going to go two and two this week with the two wins being, for me, the two wins being Detroit and New Orleans, the two losses being Boston and Golden State. You think their only loss will be Golden State Warriors.

French: Yeah, and I think OG’s gonna come back this week.

Uh, no, he’s not.


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Jah So Focused: I don’t know if that’s what you wanna say, but go ahead. All right. Uh, with no

French: further ado, we’d like to bid you ado and thank you for listening to the Knick Take

Jah So Focused: podcast.

Peace y’all. Peace.